In case of an accident there are 500 Euro excess for each motorbike which the customer will need to pay. You pick up the motorbike with a full tank and will have to return it full. With our motorbikes you are not allowed to ride in North Cyprus which is occupied by the Turkish. The following details are on our agreements:


  1. The hirer declares that he received the said vehicle in good working condition and agrees to return the vehicle to the owner in the same condition as he received it.
  2. The client agrees to use the vehicle in the Republic of Cyprus ONLY.
  3. In the case the hirer returns the vehicle after the agreed date and time he agrees to pay an extra 10 EUR per hour of the delay.
  4. TYRES ARE NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE (Customers Responsibility).
  5. LOSS OR DAMAGE TO HELMETS & KEYS (Customers Responsibility).
  6. ROAD TRAFFIC FINES (Customers Responsibility).
  8. Only the authorized driver on the rental agreement is entitled to drive. If anyone is found to be driving the rented vehicle who is not insured, the insurance will be invalid and the main named driver will be liable for the total cost of any damages incurred.
  9. If the vehicle is driven negligently, under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other type of substances, the insurance is invalid and the authorized driver fully responsible for any damages to the vehicle and third parties.